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Welcome to the home of BALLOONKITS.COM where you can find everything you need to participate in the wonderful world of "Inflatable Sculpture".

Below you can see a video of one of my latest projects. In 2011 we developed this lighter than air replica to advertise the European Ford Revar Cmax. Now, in 2012 we can develop your product with this revolutionary technology. This replica was created in colaboration with Nimbus Dirigibles of Spain and our design division to make the design. Details were added including lights, chrome, motors and controls, resulting in this twelve pound replica of a European Ford Revar Cmax. If you would like to see a video of the car in flight, Click here.

Also, just recently, engineering students at MIT created an instructional manual on how to create helium balloons using my system. They did an excellent job. You can see it here.

Currently, you can see my balloons in the Vancouver Art Gallery in the "Massive Change: The Future of Design" exhibit which will travel to seven galleries in the next four years. This exhibit was produced by Bruce Mau. It is this kind of project that got me started in this balloon business.

Hello. My name is Gary Felix, and that's me getting eaten by the shark.

The contagious excitement of creating art is most visible in large crowds and has always fascinated me. Festival decoration allows the designer to reach large outdoor audiences. This environment allowed me to refine and develop my artistic abilities. Strongly influenced by colorful laundry hanging across Mexican village streets. I began flying hang gliders and making flags and banners. My art soon reflected this love of flying and colorful cloth. Flags became windmills and large wing flapping weather vanes. Balloons appeared in 1982. By 1987, I had developed balloon making kits.

If you would like to see one of the weathervanes in action, click on the photo below.

Beach art and craft festivals in California provided venues which allowed me to develop many festive products. Laguna Beach became my home and the "Sawdust Festival" and "Laguna Canyon Festival of the Arts" were my product proving grounds. I also participated in the "Renaissance Festivals". In 1982 The Los Angeles Olympic Organizing committee put out a call for entries to decorate the 24 event locations of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games. I produced a video of my art flying at several of the Olympic venues in August and was pleasantly supprised by a positive response which led to the purchase of my "Wind Colonnades" as venue entrance decorations.

I also designed, "Stars in Motion", a balloon display for the Rowing regatta at Lake Kasitas.

In creating Balloon proposals, I tested foil from many sources. First we taped then glued and finally heat sealed balloons together. Often misnamed Mylar foil, this nylon foil became my preferred balloon making material. Balloon foil is food packaging material which is easily sealed with low heat and light pressure. At 205 degrees F. with pressure applied by hand, this two sided foil can be seamed together in what is called a peal seal. When inflated, these seams peal open somewhere around 3-4 pounds of internal pressure. For a valve, I prefer a filler neck which is reusable. The end of the filler neck can be heat sealed with the same tools used to make the seams. This seal and foil can hold helium and will last 3-4 days outdoors. With indoor use many of my balloons have lasted over a year. Foil comes flood-coated with many colors and can also be colored with permanent markers.

At, we provide the customer with balloon kits with a foil selection in many colors along with the tools and information needed to produce successful balloons. We provide free technical assistance. Balloon graphics can be attached with sticky back images created in your computer. Our balloon foil is 48 ga (.00065?) met biax nylon- 14.4#lldpex/28.8#lldpef ctl max-200I. We now design balloons for many Industrial and Art appilications along with providing sales of balloon kits to schools and designers.

In 2003 I produced radar tracking balloons for Raytheon. They were used along with GPS devices to calibrate radar.

In 2003 I built prototype balloons for Windcrafter. This balloon is the newly patented sail boat in the sky.

In 2002 I made clear bell shaped containers for the peace time atom particle accelerator at Los Alamos NM. With this experimental project, objects are bombarded with neutrons for pure research and filmed through these bell shaped balloons.

In 1999 I decorated Governor elect Jessie Ventura's Inaugural Rock Concert in the "Target Center" in Minneapolis MN.

In the 1990's I worked for many Movie productions. Among them were "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", and "Rocket Man".